Born on 26th February 1975, in Shiraz-IRAN

*studying music for a while and performing in

a youth music band in shiraz.

*joining Mehr Theater Group in shiraz, and

participating in Mehr’s performances, as an

actor and music composer-player.

*studying theater in tehran for 5 years.

*Participating in a 2 years intensive and advance course in Lisbon called “ choreographic creation and research on contemporary dance”/ 2008-2009

*master in “Choreography and Performance” from CNDC ( Centre National de Danse Contemporaine ) in Angers-France/ 2011-2013


performing and creating some performances, such as:

2013 /New project called LIVES, in collaboration with George Apostolakos. It will be premiered in NEW SETTING /HERMES in November 2013

April 19&20  2013 - /Paris / Theatre National de Chaillot

It Shocks me but not You

Conception and Direction: Ali Moini


Emilie Combet

Ona Foste

Fabio Bello

Ali Moini

April 16&17  2013 - Paris / Theatre National de Chaillot

My Paradoxical Knives

Conception and performer: Ali Moini

March 2013 - Leuven/Den Haag/Amsterdam

Recreation of  Recall your birth’s day

Conception : Mohammad Abbasi

Choreographers and performers:

Mohammad Abbasi

Ehssan Hemmat

Ali Moini

October 6 - Paris / festival d’Automne - Sortie d’ecoles

Talking In/To Myself

Conception and performer: Ali Moini

July 8&9 2012 - Tehran / John Cage happening


Conception: Ali Moini

June 30 2012 - Montpellier/Montpellier Dance Festival
My paradoxical Knives

June 27&28 2012 - Montpellier/Montpellier Dance Festival
It Shocks me, but not You

May 27 2012 - Strasbourg/FRAC-Nouvelle Festival
My paradoxical Knives

May 3 2012 - Tunis/Extra Festival
My paradoxical Knives

May 2 2012 - Tunis/Extra Festival
It Shocks me, but not You (WIP version)
Choreographer: Ali Moini
Emilie Combet
Fabio Belo
Ona Foste
Ali Moini

November 2011 - Paris/Foundation Cartier
My paradoxical Knives

November 2011 - Geneva/Who is Afraid of Performance Art Festival
My paradoxical Knives

May 2011 - Annecy
My paradoxical Knives

January 2011 - Paris

My paradoxical Knives

Choreographer and Performer: Ali Moini

July 2010-Tehran

Untitled Installation-Performance for 11 Kids

Concept and Choreographer: Ali Moini

2010 May-Paris

Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag

Choreographer: Ali Moini

2009 Nov-Lisbon and Porto

Good Feelings Bad Feelings

Choreographer: Vera Mantero

2009 Sep-Lisbon

Recreation of Avid a Enorme ( emmanuelle Huynh)

Choreographers: Ali Moini, Natalia Viroga

2008 Dec-Lisbon and Angers-France

My Paradoxical Knives

Choreographer: Ali Moini


I am the Dancer

Choreographer: Ali Moini

2008-Tehran and Giessen-Germany

My Paradoxical Life

Choreographer: Ali Moini



Choreographer: Julyen Hamilton



Choreographer: Deborah Hay


Only God can wake me up

Writer and Director: Mohamad Aghebati


A hand had written your Name on the Moon

Writer and Director: Maryam Moini


Recall your Birth’s Day

Writer and Director: Mohamad Abbassi



Writer and Director: Jalal Tehrani


Recent Experiences

By Jacob Wren & Nadia Rose; Director: A. R. Koohestani

2002-Iran and many other countries in europe, north and south america

Dance on Glasses

Writer and Director: A. R. Koohestani


Murmuring Stories

Writer and Director: A. R. Koohestani



By: Hassan Hamed, Director: Danyal Tayebian